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10 Bad Habits Part 1

10 Bad Habits That Could Land Arizona Residents in the Dental Implant Surgeon’s Office, PART 1

We typically think of tooth loss as something that happens to people who have experienced a traumatic accident or terrible tooth decay. In reality, there are many totally innocent habits we all indulge in that could literally land Arizona residents in a dental implant surgeon’s chair.

This is no exaggeration: one minute you’re crunching your way through the ice in your soda and the next minute you feel a searing pain in one of your molars. If you’re lucky, all you’ll need is a filling to repair the damage. For many people, however, this kind of trauma could necessitate root canal therapy and a crown and if that doesn’t work, they could be looking at losing the tooth entirely.

In this two-part article series, Dr. Kevin Gasser, an experienced dental implant surgeon in Sun City, will be highlighting 10 of the most damaging habits that could be ruining your teeth: habits that have landed many patients in his office needing dental implants.

Bad Habit # 1: Chewing Ice

The abuse this does to the biting surfaces of your teeth is extreme, so don’t do it! Dr. Gasser has seen teeth that have become very eroded, chipped, cracked and worn as a consequence of this bad habit.

Bad Habit # 2: Playing Sports Without a Mouth Guard

Just because you don’t play sports professionally doesn’t mean you don’t need any kind of professional-grade protection! You wouldn’t enter the hockey ring without shin guards, professional or no, so why would you risk leaving your teeth without protection?

“A lot of the terrible teeth trauma we repair is a result of sports play,” says Sun City dental implant surgeon, Dr. Gasser. “If you’re involved in any kind of sports, whether it’s professional or social, have a mouth guard fitted and wear it at all times! Accidents are never planned.”

Bad Habit # 3: Tongue and Lip Piercings

If you want to make your dentist cringe, get a tongue or lip piercing. Not only do these “fashion statements” come with a risk of infection, they also tap incessantly on the back of the teeth, causing chipping and enamel erosion.

“I’ve seen many patients whose gums have almost been completely rubbed away thanks to the metal stud on the other side of a lip piercing,” says the Sun City dentist. “Piercings are troublesome to your oral health and it’s just not worth it.”

If you’ve got to make a rebellious fashion statement, get a tattoo and make sure the studio you choose is sterile!

Bad Habit # 4: Tooth Grinding

Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw is often something we do without thinking about it, particularly at nighttime while asleep. The condition known as bruxism can do devastating damage to your teeth, which is why you should have a retainer fitted by a dentist if you’ve been diagnosed with it. This you should wear to bed every night.

“Sure, wearing a mouth guard to bed isn’t exactly sexy, but neither are teeth that have been ground down to the dentine,” says Dr. Gasser. “It’s better to protect your teeth than to suffer the extensive and expensive need for repair at a later date.”

Bad Habit # 5: Soda Addiction

Studies have repeatedly shown that more than one soda per day can significantly increase your risk of tooth decay. The problem is, Arizona residents don’t view soda and other sugar-packed beverages as treats… we see them as legitimate thirst-quenchers.

“Water is the way to go,” say dental implant surgeons in Sun City. “Healthy people with healthy teeth drink water when they’re thirsty and only have the occasional soda as a treat.”

Stay Tuned for Part 2, Coming Next Month…

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