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10 Bad Habits Part 2

10 Bad Habits That Could Land Arizona Residents in the Dental Implant Surgeons Office PART 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this blog series on the many habits, and sometimes innocent habits, that could be totally wrecking your teeth without you knowing it. Last month in Part 1 our experienced Sun City dental implant surgeon, Dr. Kevin Gasser, highlighted the first five habits:

Bad Habit # 1: Chewing the ice in your drink.

Bad Habit # 2: Playing (professional and social) sports without a mouth guard.

Bad Habit # 3: Tongue and lip piercings.

Bad Habit # 4: Tooth grinding and jaw clenching (known as bruxism).

Bad Habit # 5: Drinking more than one soda or similar sugar-packed beverage a day.

Let’s move on to the next five bad habits that could totally be ruining your teeth…

Bad Habit # 6: Using Your Teeth as Tools

Sure, it may be the convenient way to force open that container, tear that packaging or loosen that bottle cap, but using your teeth as tools is one of the biggest sources of business for dental implant surgeons in Arizona. If it’s not chewing, grinding or biting, then you shouldn’t be using your teeth to do it.

Bad Habit # 7: Constant Snacking

Many personal trainers and other fitness experts tell us to snack throughout the day in order to maintain a fast metabolic rate. While this may prove successful in your weight-loss regime, this kind of eating also maintains consistently high sugar and acid levels in your mouth, which can be terribly problematic to the health of your teeth.

“Acid softens the dental enamel, leaving it more vulnerable to bacterial decay and erosion, while sugar encourages bacteria to flourish,” explain Arizona dental implant surgeons. “By constantly snacking throughout the day, you never allow your teeth the chance to remineralize or the acid levels in your mouth to neutralize. This can do extensive damage in the long run.”

Bad Habit # 8: Coffee Addiction

Coffee is good, coffee is great, but drink too much and you’ll seal your smile’s fate. Coffee stains your dental enamel, which leads to its darkening over the years. It’s also quite acidic and if you take sugar in your coffee, you leave your teeth vulnerable to bacterial decay.

“Drink your coffee in moderation and with milk to minimize its staining effects. Try to cut out sugar,” advise Sun City dentists.

Bad Habit # 9: Tobacco-Use

We’re all well aware of the detrimental effects cigarette smoking have on our oral health – causing oral cancer and gum disease – so we won’t waste too much time on this point. What we will mention is that chewing tobacco is as bad for your teeth as smoking is, so don’t think you’re improving on anything by changing the medium of your addiction.

Bad Habit # 10: Drinking White Wine

Many Arizona residents have switched to drinking white wine to avoid the staining effect red wine has on their teeth. While you may beat out this one disadvantage of red wine, white wine is far more acidic and can do quite extensive acid erosion to your dental enamel.

“As with everything in life, moderation is key to good health,” says Sun City dental implant surgeon, Dr. Gasser. “We’re not saying that you need to stop drinking wine completely, good heavens no: just drink it in moderation and complement it with water to help neutralize the PH level of your mouth.”

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