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Squash Racket: 1, Front Teeth: 0

A Sun City Dental Implant Story

One fateful day on a squash court in Sun City, Arizona...

 | Gasser Dental | Dentist Sun City AZ

Image courtesy of Free Digital Images

My story begins with a sickening blow to the face courtesy of my best friend and fierce squash rival, Katherine. We were both jostling for position in the middle of the court when she took a giant sweep at the incoming ball. The racket went high up over her shoulder and smashed me square in the mouth.

My mouth exploded into pain and I felt my two front teeth shatter. The next minute or two was hazy; I remember her cupping my face and shoving her sweatband against my mouth to stop the bleeding. The coach came in and then ran out again and then came back in with his phone. He said he knew a really good dentist in Sun City who specialized in replacing teeth and that he was going to book me an emergency appointment right away, although to be honest, I was still in denial that where I used to have two very attractive front teeth was now nothing was jagged, cracked edges.

I was then ushered to coach’s car and taken to the dentist…

When we arrived at Gasser Dental, the pain had properly set in and I looked like the first ditzy blonde who gets killed off in your typical slasher film. The receptionist immediately arranged for me to be cleaned up and she gave me a proper compress to apply to my torn gums and shattered teeth.

Dr. Gasser came out within a few minutes and took a quick look before numbing my gums so that the pain would go away. He took some X-rays and then explained that, while my front right incisor could be restored, the left one was completely destroyed and would need to be extracted. He explained to me what a dental implant is and how it would replace the appearance and function of my soon-to-be missing tooth.

It was important that we did the procedure as soon as possible…

Right then and there, Dr. Gasser did a root canal on my right incisor and rebuilt it so that it looked completely normal again. Thankfully, the damage to my gums was superficial and would heal on its own. I was scheduled to come in again within the week to have my left tooth replaced, the remnants of which he had extracted.

I was really grateful to have been prioritized with such little warning. Usually, I find myself waiting weeks for an appointment with my regular Sun City dentist. It’s nice to know that in a very real dental emergency, you aren’t just a statistic or a number: you’re a human being in pain and with very serious needs.

I returned for my dental implant appointment relieved to get the obvious gap in my teeth taken care of…

Having had a few days to think about my accident and get over the shock, I was beginning to become extremely worried about how the replacement tooth would look. I am a young woman and a journalist, so presenting well is an important part of the job. The last thing I need is an obvious dental disfigurement.

The dental implant procedure itself only took an hour or so and it was done in Dr. Gasser’s Sun City dental office. I was incredibly anxious to see the results, so when he held up the mirror to me I was flooded with relief. Aside from the redness of the gums caused by the operation, the new tooth looked just like a natural tooth!

After a few months, the pain, swelling and any residual discomfort had completely gone away and my mouth was virtually the same as before. I’m so much more careful with my teeth now. I’ve taken to flossing every day and wearing a mouth guard every time I enter the squash court. It was a traumatic experience, but thanks to a very talented dentist, it was a temporary one!

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