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The “All-on-4™” is a breakthrough treatment for Arizona residents who have lost most or all of their natural teeth, typically to gum disease. If you currently wear partial or full removable dentures and wish you could have a complete set of natural-looking and natural-feeling teeth again, then the “All-on-4™” is most certainly worth considering!


To date, Dr. Gasser – an experienced dental implant surgeon serving Arizona – has used this revolutionary procedure to treat hundreds of patients who needed new teeth. These patients now enjoy a much higher standard of living because they:

  • Can smile with confidence and without shame
  • Eat their favorite foods again and in absolute comfort
  • Are getting the nourishment they need to enjoy whole body health
  • Don’t have to contend with constant pain and irritation caused by dentures
  • Clean their teeth in their mouth: where they belong!
  • Fall asleep with their teeth in their mouths and not next to their beds!

The “All-on-4™” dental implant technique is regarded by dental healthcare professionals around Arizona and, in fact, the world as one of the most advanced and beneficial dental treatments to have been introduced to the market. This is because it has FINALLY eliminated the need for painful, uncomfortable and unsightly dentures and makes it possible for people without natural teeth to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Contact Dr. Kevin Gasser today to find out if you’re a candidate for “All-on-4™” dental implants!