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All on 4 Step by Step

All on 4 Step by Step

This article will describe the All on 4 procedure step by step.

Having a beautiful set of teeth is something that almost everyone wants. With the All on 4 procedure people with missing teeth can restore that sparkling smile. All on 4 is a type of dental implant surgery that is less invasive than previous implants.


The All on 4 procedure has become the best solution to restoring full arches to the upper and lower jaws. This can sound intimidating and as though it requires a lot of work, however that isn’t the case.

It is called All on 4 because only four implants are needed to secure both sets of arches into the jaw. Two implants are on the top and two on the bottom.

Most people who are turned down for other implants wouldn’t have enough jaw bone left after bone grafting. All on 4 doesn’t require bone grafting the majority of the time. This is great news for everyone who has ever been denied.

The Build Up

The first step towards receiving your new teeth is a consultation and diagnostic appointment with the dentist so he can fully evaluate your particular case. X-rays and photos will be taken and the dentist will decide whether there needs to be any extractions first.

Impressions will be needed to create the arches for the top and bottom jaw. After this appointment you will be scheduled for implant surgery where the replacement teeth will be fitted and adjusted.

Surgery Day

On surgery day four titanium implants will be placed into the jaw bone so it can integrate with the bone and secure itself. The back implants are angled for a deeper hold making these implants as firm as a natural set of teeth.

After the implants are secure the abutments are fastened in to and attach to the arches of, usually, porcelain teeth. You will walk out with a full set of beautiful teeth that day!


At first frequent checkups are required just to ensure that the gums have healed properly. Once the dentist feels that they have healed fine than the usual twice a year appointments are all that is needed.

Your new set of teeth will act just like your natural ones. They still need to be brushed, flossed, and taken care of like a natural set. Other than that there isn’t any extra maintenance. If you take care of your new smile it can last a lifetime.

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