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Why Dental Implants

Why Cosmetic Dentists Recommend Dental Implants For Tooth Replacement

Implants | Gasser Dental | Dentist Sun City AZ

Tooth replacement isn’t something the majority of us ever think we’ll have to give much thought to... not at least until we’re much older and greyer. Unfortunately, accidents happen and if it’s not a hockey puck, baseball, or a rogue olive pit in your Greek salad, then it’s tooth decay or any of a multitude of factors. Your teeth are made from the strongest substance in the human body but even this defense is not indestructible or impregnable by bacteria.

And so, if and when you lose a tooth or even several teeth, you’ll face a necessary course of action: treatment. It’s here that Arizona’s best cosmetic dentists recommend dental implants above all other teeth replacement technologies available today. Yet, in spite of this recommendation, most patients still opt for older, inferior solutions such as dental bridges and dentures.

In this blog, we’ll explain why dental implants are the top recommendation of dentist all over the state and country (and indeed, world) and why you should look into dental implants as your tooth replacement solution should you ever require one.

Dental Implants Function Like Natural Teeth

If you’ve ever seen a dental implant, you’ll note that it looks very much like a slim screw to which an artificial tooth crown is affixed. What sets dental implants apart from all other teeth replacement technologies is that they – via this screw – replace the root of the missing tooth AND the visible portion: the crown. It’s this feature that enables dental implants to function like natural teeth, with the implant providing the surrounding jawbone with the stimulation it needs to remain strong, bulky and healthy.

This also means that dental implants feel far more like natural teeth than, say, bridges or dentures. They also don’t move around and cannot fall out, which is a huge advantage and relief if you’ve ever had to wear partial or full dentures before!

Dental Implants Look Very Similar To Natural Teeth

Implants | Gasser Dental | Dentist Sun City AZ

The artificial tooth or teeth attached to the implant are fabricated to look just like healthy teeth and are even custom designed to match the color and size of the rest of your dentition. This is a crucial feature because there’s no sense having a gap filled with a replacement tooth that looks substantially different to the rest of your teeth! With a bit of skill, creativity and an appreciation for aesthetics, skilled cosmetic dentists can create a replacement tooth or set of teeth that is virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth or teeth!

Dental Implants Can Offer a Long Term Solution

Just like natural teeth, dental implants are strong and can potentially last several decades or even a lifetime if cared for properly. The titanium root promotes a process called “osseointegration,” which is the biological bonding of the underlying jawbone to the implant. And, of course, the crown is fabricated from exceptionally strong and durable materials that enable the entire replacement tooth to support a strong and natural bite, which allows you – the patient – to eat all of your favorite foods without challenge or discomfort.

Think You Could Benefit From Dental Implants?

All in all you won’t find a better, more comfortable, aesthetic and functional tooth replacement technology that allows you to live your life as you used to before you lost a tooth or several teeth (or even all of your teeth).

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss treatment, don’t hesitate to Contact the friendly team here at Gasser Dental!

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