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Dental Advancements in Sun City

Dental Advancements in Sun City

Sun City dentists are becoming more technologically advanced and continue to offer quality dental procedures.

As technology advances there will always be those who continue to learn and grow with it and then there are those who are content with what they already know. Dental technology has advanced rapidly in the last five years.

Some Sun City dentists have taken to the challenge of keeping up and offering the best services possible for their patients. So what should you be looking for when searching for a dentist?


Training will always be one of the best qualifications to look for. Degrees like Bachelors and Masters will matter, but location can also be a contributor. All colleges are not created equal in every degree. Make sure to look for a college with a prestigious dental program.

Additional training is required as a dentist in order to keep updated on new information. However this training doesn’t always make them qualified to perform the most advanced procedures are that they have the technology that will best suit their patients.

Two things to look for are extra training and degrees from programs like MALO Clinic. The MALO Clinic is the founder of the all-on-4 dental implant surgery that is sweeping the nation. This isn’t a procedure that all doctors are qualified to perform so looking for a MALO degree is crucial.

Dr. Malo came up with all-on-4 implants which was far superior to other dental implants in many ways. It allowed for a shorter recovery time, less actual implant sites, and many other positive changes.


Without certain advancements in equipment it can inhibit the dentist’s ability to perform the surgery to their full potential. It can also increase any sort of risks involved or lengthen the recovery time.

For example Dr. Kevin Gasser has made sure to keep up with the best equipment advances and training. His recovery time on the All-on-4 surgery is exceptionally minimal and his patients walk out of the office that day with a full set of teeth.

To put it in perspective, an individual who still has a computer from 10 years ago won’t have the same quality and satisfaction with their computer than someone who bought the newest model.

Without the MALO clinic training and technology Dr. Gasser wouldn’t be qualified to offer his patients a procedure that is gaining momentum all over the world. He is now able to provide his patients with all of the latest procedures that they could ask for.

Technology will only continue to grow and those dentists who think that what they know now is enough will be overrun by more driven dentists.  Good luck finding the dentist that will best serve you.

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