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All About Acquiring Dental Implants in Arizona

All About Acquiring Dental Implants in Arizona

People always have questions about more extensive surgeries like dental implants so this article seeks to bring light to frequently asked questions.

Dental implants in Arizona are worth every dime, but even still there are a lot of questions that can keep people up at night leading up to the surgery. If you are getting anything from a single tooth implant to the All-on-4 procedure it is nicer to know what to expect.


Just about nobody likes pain, right? When people think of an implant being placed directly into the jaw bone it can seem painful. During the procedure there is no pain. Most dental offices use anesthesia and if you have a high anxiety for dental procedures it can be done with oral sedation and an IV, but only in some offices.

So if there is no pain during then there should be a lot of pain afterwards right? Wrong. There will be some discomfort that can be easily managed with pain control techniques that your dentist will provide for you. Some dentists can even prescribe medication to alleviate the discomfort.


The surgery usually only takes one to two hours, but it depends upon the number of implants needed, the location, and if any teeth need to be removed first. This is a question better left for your dentist when scheduling the appointment since they will know the specifics.

The healing process is a big concern for most patients. The healing process can take anywhere from 4 to 9 months mostly because the implant needs to become embedded into the jaw bone which can take time; however most individuals will walk out of the initial surgery with the full set of implanted teeth.

Your new set of teeth is a great investment for the amount of time they will last. If the body accepts the implant and it is cared for properly than they can last practically a lifetime. Some dentists have seen them last more than 30 years.

After Affects

If for some reason the body rejects the implant then it will have to be removed. The implants once removed will require healing before another implant can be placed.

Regardless, after the surgery your dentist will outline a special diet for the first part of the healing process. It will mostly consist of mashed vegetables, smoothies, and yogurt.

Doing your research can answer just about any other specific questions that you may have about your particular case. A beautiful smile is nothing to be afraid of.

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