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Dental Implants - Ensuring New Teeth with a New Smile

Dental Implants- Ensuring New Teeth with a New Smile

With the advent of modern dentistry techniques, now patients with missing teeth can find relief with new and permanent teeth, also known as dental implants.

Are you missing some or all of your teeth due to tooth decay or an injury? Having missing teeth puts a person in a very stressful situation and results in social embarrassment, which is difficult to endure. A patient with missing teeth not only loses his or her chewing ability but also the visual appearance. As a result of it, the victim loses the self-confidence to lead the same life as before.

While most people opt for dentures and bridges as inexpensive alternative to replace missing teeth, these solutions are temporary and increase the stress level of the patient. This is because, dentures look unattractive, drop out while laughing and speaking, require messy adhesives for cleaning and result in bone loss.

However, with the advent of modern dentistry techniques, now patients with missing teeth can find relief with new and permanent teeth, also known as teeth implants in Arizona.

Teeth implants are effective alternatives for replacing missing teeth and enhance the facial features of the person. These natural looking teeth neither cause a slur nor drop out while speaking – however, they do increase the eating ability of patients.

Teeth implants in Arizona – An effective and reliable solution

Dental implants or artificial teeth are made of titanium and are surgically inserted into the jawbone.

Considered as ideal options to replace missing teeth, dental implants can treat teeth that might have been broken, lost or chipped due to tooth decay, gum disease, accidental injury, chronic disease, root canal failure, or aging.

Dental implants are artificial teeth but provide you the comfort of natural teeth by appearing and functioning much like natural teeth. Once the dental implants are placed into your teeth, you may even forget that you ever had missing teeth. Since implants look and function like natural teeth, these require the same dental care as real ones. With regular brushing, flossing and periodic check-ups you can ensure the success of your implant treatment.

The long-lasting implants neither drop out nor cause irritation. Instead, these enhance your self-confidence giving you a ray of hope to lead a confident life.

Benefits of dental implants in Mesa

While dentures and bridges provide a short term solution for missing teeth, dental implants offer a permanent solution and can provide you a better ability to chew your favorite food items. In addition, implants do not require any kind of alteration to the already existing teeth. As most of your teeth remain untouched during a single implant surgery, dentists ensure that all of your 32 teeth remain healthy and secure.

Get a long-lasting solution for your missing, broken or chipped teeth. Restore your smile, speaking efficiently and gain confidence with dental implants in Mesa.

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