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Truth Behind Dental Tourism

The Truth Behind Dental Tourism, PART 1

This two-part article series explores the benefits and potential pitfalls of going abroad to receive cheaper dental treatment, especially where teeth replacement using dental implants is concerned.

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Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly fashionable option to Sun City residents who wish to have advanced dental treatment done. This is particularly true of tooth replacement and full mouth reconstruction using dental implants. Instead of undergoing the necessary procedures locally, many people are opting to book a trip to Thailand, Czech Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico so that they can get the same treatment done at a much-reduced rate.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

The question is: is it really the “same treatment” and does dental tourism yield the same favorable outcomes as is provided by reputable Arizona-based cosmetic dentists? In this two-part article series, we shall be exploring the good, the bad and the ugly about dental tourism and the vital research every patient should do before hopping on a plane to some exotic destination to have their smiles made over.

The Popular Benefits of Dental Tourism

The benefits of having your teeth done abroad are pretty obvious. First of all, the popular destinations for dental implant surgery are all beautiful and nobody would say “no” to convalescing on a gorgeous beach in Thailand or Costa Rica! The most compelling reason, however, is that these destinations are known for offering dental implant surgery at a substantially lesser cost than in the United States. It’s almost too good to be true and while there are many people who will attest to the virtues of medical tourism, there are infinitely more who say otherwise and it’s important that we all listen up...

The Potential Pitfalls of Dental Tourism

The cost of having teeth replaced overseas may work out cheaper than in Sun City, but there are several additional expenses, not to mention risks, that come hand-in-hand with this kind of endeavor...

You’ll have to factor in the costs of flights, accommodation, transport and the fact that you won’t be working and presumably earning a living for at least two weeks, if not longer. Additionally, most dental implant procedures require patients to come in for multiple appointments over a period of a few months. This could require quite a bit of travel, unless you’re able to connect your Sun City dentist with your foreign surgeon. This still might not work out to be the cheapest way to do things.

But, the greatest concern as far as dental tourism is involved is finding a reputable dental implant dentist who – in spite of the reduced rates – will get a first class job done. Regardless of cost, it’s better to get an excellent job done by an experienced local Sun City dental implant surgeon than it is to get it done for cheaper by someone who lacks the experience, credentials, facilities, resources and technology to do it safely and successfully. You do not want to suffer the terrible consequences of bad medical care, infection and even implant failure in order to learn this message the hard way.

So, if you really are interested in having your dental implants done overseas, you need to do your homework and you’d best do it well!

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part article series to find out exactly what homework you should be doing if you’re interested in travelling aboard to have dental implant surgery (or any other medical procedure done).