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Truth Behind Dental Tourism PART 2

The Truth Behind Dental Tourism, PART 2

This two-part article series explores the benefits and potential pitfalls of going abroad to receive cheaper dental treatment, especially where teeth replacement using dental implants is concerned.

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Welcome to the second half of this two-part article series on dental tourism, whether or not it is a cost-effective decision to get dental implants done abroad and the vital research Sun City residents should be doing before hopping on a plane. Previously, in Part 1 of this series, the advantages of medical tourism were explored – getting to travel to an exotic destination to get your teeth done – as well as the disadvantages, the key one being potentially getting shoddy dental work done.

Let’s now take a look at the various things you should know and homework you should do before catching a flight to Thailand, Costa Rica or Mexico to get your smile made over!

Important Homework to Do

  • Find a Reputable Dentist

The first step on any journey to smile rehabilitation is to find an experienced and talented dental implant surgeon. This isn’t difficult to do in Sun City – Dr. Kevin Gasser is a great example! But how do you do this when looking abroad? The Internet is a treasure trove of valuable information, however, you must be careful to sift out the carefully planted marketing ploys of the dental practices you’re considering. What you should look into is other patient reviews and testimonials.

Also speak to your Sun City-based dentist about the implant surgeon you may be considering – you never know, he or she might have heard about them! Make sure the dental healthcare professional you choose has the necessary qualifications, professional memberships and licensing, as well as a good few years’ worth of experience in the placement and restoration of dental implants.

  • Connect your Local Dentist and Foreign Implant Surgeon

Before you book your flights, you should put your local Sun City cosmetic dentist in contact with your overseas dental implant surgeon. Your dentist should provide your surgeon with a full account of your case, along with case notes, a discussion of your diagnosis, X-rays and photographs. Your dentist will also be playing an important role in your post-operative recovery and long-term maintenance, so it’s important you get these two healthcare professionals in contact and working with each other.

  • Include a Recovery Period and Time for Error

When booking your overseas stay, you’ve absolutely got to leave enough elbowroom on either side of your procedure:

(1) You’ll need a few days’ grace before your procedure in case your flight is delayed, cancelled or you miss it. You’ll also want to settle in a little and get over your jet lag before marching straight in for surgery.

(2) You’ll definitely need a week or two to recover from your procedure. There would be nothing worse than having to get on a plane the day or two after having your dental implants done and it’s not advised for optimal healing.

It’s also important to note that a dental vacation or dental tourism is not quite as sweet a deal as it sounds. Sun City dental implant dentist, Dr. Gasser says:

“Many patients forget that they’ll be recovering from surgery, so you won’t be able to spend full days exploring Bangkok, or nights partying away at a Full Moon Party. You won’t be hiking, camping, going on rough and tumble adventures or sampling the full array of local cuisines because you’ll be healing. Be realistic in your expectations of your experience, which won’t be a traditional holiday.”

  • Get Insured

Medical treatment and travel are unpredictable enough on their own. Now combine them. You’ve absolutely got to purchase insurance before you consider getting your dental implants done abroad because there is a whole lot that can go wrong: cancelled flights, lost baggage and malpractice are just to name a few. A cancelled flight is bad enough: now consider the fact that it might cause you to miss your surgery! Insurance is a must.

A Final Note on Dental Tourism Versus Sun City Dental Implants

While dental tourism sounds like a wonderful idea – especially since there are some countries where the cost of dental implants is lower – there are a great many considerations and a whole lot of planning and research Sun City residents should do before biting the bullet. Speak to your local dentist and do the calculations because oftentimes the combination of dental treatment and international travel works out MORE expensive than having your teeth done in Sun City. Additionally, you absolutely do not want to run the risk of malpractice.

Be safe and be smart. Don’t get swayed by lower prices because ultimately, when it comes to dental healthcare, you often get what you pay for.