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The History of Dental Implants

Today it seems that dental implants are more popular than ever, providing an effective way to replace missing teeth and make your smile look full and natural. You may think the concept of dental implants is a new one, but in actuality they have been around for thousands of years in one form or another. One could spend hours on end researching the fascinating topic of dental implants throughout the course of history, but we have saved you that trouble by presenting you with this condensed timeline.

2500 BC – Ancient Egyptians used gold wire ligatures for tooth stabilization. Around this time implants were also made by ancient Chinese using bamboo pegs which were tapped into the bone.

500 BC – Phoenicians used gold wires to splint teeth that were periodontally compromised.

600 AD - The lower mandible of a young Mayan woman has also shown us that pieces of shell were used to replace missing teeth.

1700 – The first teeth transplants from one human to another, or allotransplants, were performed by J. Hunter.

1809 – The first known incident of an implant being placed into a fresh extraction socket occurred using a gold tube, performed by J. Maggiolo.

1913 – A third J., this time J. Greenfield, used a gold cylinder to function as an artificial root. This was known as the Greenfield crib or basket.

1930s – Orthopedic screw fixtures made of vitallium were used by A. & M. Strock and placed in humans as well as dogs to restore missing teeth. In 1931 an archeologist in Honduras discovered the mandible of the previously mentioned Mayan woman.

1938 – A patent was issued to P.B. Adams for a cylindrical endosseous implant.

1940s – M. Formiggini and F. Zepponi developed a post-type endosseous implant. Titanium was first used as an implantable material by Bothe, Beaton and Davenport. Swedish doctor G. Dahl also developed a subperiosteal implant.

1952 – Swedish physician Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark discovered the bone bonding properties of titanium, known as osseointegration, while researching bone healing.

1960s – French professor Rafaël Cherchève developed the double-helical spiral implant made of cobalt-chrome.

1965 – The first dental volunteer patient was treated with titanium implants thanks to the research and experimentation of Dr. Brånemark.

1968 – Dr. Leonard Linkow developed the first blade implant to treat partial and total edentulism (toothlessness).

1983 – The first ceramic CAD/CAM solutions or prosthodontic restorations were developed. This involves the Procera method of manufacturing high-precision, industrial dental crowns.

1998 – The All-on-4® treatment concept was introduced which uses a reduced number of implants to treat full arches with a high rate of success.

2005 – The first comprehensive concepts for guided surgery and 3D treatment planning were introduced as NobelGuide/NobelClinician.

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