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Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple Teeth Replacement in Arizona

Dental implants in Sun City can also be used to replace several irreparably damaged, decayed or missing teeth. This eliminates the need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth, which would otherwise serve as posts for traditional crown and bridge therapy for teeth replacement in Arizona.

Dental implants in Sun City are placed in the bone below the gum tissue. Like single teeth replacement in Arizona, temporary abutments may be placed on the implants until the healing phase is complete.

After healing, the abutments are attached to the dental implants in Sun City. These components are used to hold custom-made ceramic crowns that the dental laboratory will mold and match to your existing teeth.

In the final step, the custom bridge is cemented onto the abutment. The teeth have been replaced without disturbing the healthy teeth next to them, and bone loss as a result of atrophy has been halted.