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Our Complete Dental Implant Services

Complete Dental Implant Services

Here at Gasser Dental, we don’t only offer Arizona residents comprehensive treatment for missing teeth in ONE office and with ONE doctor, we also take great care to walk side-by-side with you on your oral rehabilitative journey from beginning to end. The key difference with us is that it’s our definition of “the end” that sets us apart from almost every other dentist and dental implant office in Arizona!

Let’s explain…

Complete Post-Operative Care

Most implant dentists and even some of the biggest names in implant dentistry provide patient care up until a certain point. That point is typically once the surgery is done, save for two or so follow-up appointments. Your recovery is done in the privacy of your own home and if you have any questions, you can always give your dentist a call. At Gasser Dental, we believe that patient care should extend well beyond the final suture, follow-up appointment and set of X-rays. In order for our patients to get the very most out of their new tooth or teeth, we believe it is crucial for us to provide them with comprehensive support during and beyond the post- operative healing process.

This comes in the form of:

  • A dental hygienist who will specifically instruct and demonstrate to you the very best ways you can care for your implants and new teeth.
  • A new teeth maintenance schedule and after care appointments for patients: all in the same office and with the same dentist.
  • Transportation: Because you will be sedated for your procedure, you will not be in any state to drive. If you don’t have anyone to drop off and collect you, don’t worry, because we provide comfortable transportation services to and from Gasser Dental on the day of your surgery. How does a limousine sound? Rather befitting of your new red-carpet-ready smile!

This service is offered and included in your treatment.

Dr. Gasser is Your (Sole) Implant Dentist.

Absolutely all of the services you will require, from treatment planning and surgery to implant restoration, follow-up appointments and post-operative care is provided in ONE office and by ONE doctor. With Gasser Dental, there is absolutely no need to travel all over Arizona to receive the quality dental care you need to maintain your gorgeous new smile. Dr. Gasser is extremely unique in this quality: few other implant dentists in Arizona offer comprehensive dental implant treatment from one office.

From start to finish, we are your one stop shop for dental implants and beautiful new smiles!

Single Visit Dentistry with Dr. Gasser



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The field of implant dentistry is moving towards single visit dentistry and Dr. Gasser has undergone the advanced training and education and has invested in the required technology to remain at the very cutting-edge of this progress. In particular is the “All-on-4” dental implant technique, which allows for permanent implant teeth to be placed in one visit. Our patients literally come to Gasser Dental for their appointment with their old failing teeth or dentures and leave the very same day with brand new, beautiful and permanent teeth! This dental implant protocol has revolutionized dentistry and we offer it here at our Sun City office!

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