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Providing Solid Dentistry

Providing Solid Dentistry

All dentists are not created equal. Some work harder than others and provide more services. If the time comes when you need an expertise that your dentist doesn’t offer it can cost you more money.

When searching for a Sun City dentist most people don’t think about the future work that their teeth might need. Think of it this way, 50 percent of American adults have periodontal disease. Odds are you’ll need more work done than you expect.

Patient Treatment

The majority of dentists know how to treat their patients with respect and make them feel comfortable for routine cleanings. Reading patient reviews and asking neighbors, friends, and family for recommendations is an easy way to find a popular dentist.

But this is just surface information. Learning the credentials, technology advancement and procedures offered is the other half of the equation.


Every dentist will have a degree, doctorate mostly. Additional training isn’t always required or taken as seriously, but it can be a great indicator of professionalism and an interest in the patient’s best interest.

For certain procedures different training is almost a must to ensure safety. In the event that periodontal disease may develop causing you to lose all of your teeth, what then? Are you going to trust just any inexperienced dentist to insert implants into your mouth correctly?

The answer is no. Surgeries like all-on-4 implants are challenging and require the most advanced technology and best training. In this case you’d want to search for a dentist who has received training from the Malo Clinic.


Technology is just as valuable as information. Using outdated materials won’t always ensure the best outcomes and can cause problems for more advanced procedures. Just as a good dentist will continue to attend training for dental knowledge they should also keep up with the most updated technology.

Dr. Kevin Gasser provides the best services with the most advanced technology because he cares about his patient’s safety and well-being.

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