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Celebrity Says

Dr. Henry J. Bianco, Jr., Former Interim Dean of the West Virginia University Dental School.

“I have chosen to put my dental health in the skilled and caring hands of Dr. Gasser and his staff. I have the unique perspective of having viewed from the inside thousands of dental professionals during their training and subsequent to graduation. I am pleased to say that my family and I have been patients of Dr. Gasser’s for over 15 years and have personally experienced numerous dental procedures including dental implants and crowns. As an educator and leader in the field of dentistry, I have chosen to put my dental health in the skilled and caring hands of Dr. Gasser and his staff.”

Rodney Clark “Hot Rod” Hundley

Hot Rod Hundley | Gasser Dental | Dr. Kevin Gasser |  Sun City, AZ 85373
Two-time NCAA All American, two-time NBA All Star, award winning radio and TV broadcaster for the Utah Jazz, L.A. Lakers and the Phoenix Suns: “I know what it takes to be a champion on the basketball court and in life. Dr. Gasser and his staff are truly the best. I have complete dental implants and permanent teeth that have given me back my famous TV broadcasting smile and the confidence that goes with it. I also loved the fact that he did the entire job himself, efficiently and with great attention to detail. Dr. Gasser is a dental champion!”

Robin Richards, 
Chief Executive Officer of Vivendi Universal Net USA (New York)

COO and Founding President of, Managing Director of, Founder and CEO of Lexi International, President of the Chase Foundation, Founder and CEO if “I am impressed with Dr. Gasser’s hands-on experience related to dental implant teeth. He can deliver the full range of implant procedures in one office so that multiple specialists and numerous office visits can be eliminated completely. I love the concept of saving time and money while knowing he oversees the entire project himself.”

Corey Frank, Co-Founder of StormWind Studios

Director of Sales at Mastering Computers, VP of Sales at KnowledgeNet, The 41st Parameter and Amadesa. “In my line of business, experience really matters. Likewise, I am comforted to know Dr. Gasser and his staff has been delivering complex dental work for 25 years. Why go anywhere else?”

Mark Rukavina, Founder & CEO of

Former Co-Founder of KnowledgeNet, Former Co-Owner of Mastering Computers: “Wow, was I surprised. I never thought my family and I could get complex dental work that was virtually pain-free. Dr. Gasser and his staff are the best!”

Steve Krell, COO & CFO of

Former CFO & EVP of Operations of The Thomson Corporation, NETg Company, CFO of Cold Stone Creamery & CFO of KnowledgeNet. “I am a very busy professional with great demands upon my time. I willingly drive 25 miles across town to visit Dr. Gasser and his staff because they are worth it. I know it will be done right the first time.”

Tom Graunke, CEO and Founder of StormWind Studios

Former Founder, CEO of Mastering Computers (Nasdaq: MAST and acquired by Computer Associates), and then co-founder & CEO of KnowledgeNet (acquired by Thompson Reuters NYSE: TRI) “I hate going to the dentist. Dr. Gasser provided all the dental work from sedation, which was mandatory for me, to surgery in one office, no referrals. I was relieved and very grateful.”