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Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Your Dental Implant Procedure was a Success. What’s Next?

You’ve prepared for your dental implant procedure and have had them successfully implanted. The days following your procedure are crucial to the success of your implants. A determining factor of how well your implants will do depends on how well you practiced good dental hygiene before and during the dental implant procedure. Moving forward it’s important to practice and maintain good dental hygiene following a simple series of steps using at-home products.

Caring For Your Implants After Your Procedure

Upon completion of your procedure, the tissue surrounding your implants should be firm, appear pink and be keratinized. The absence of keratinized tissue can make your implants susceptible to bacteria and make it vulnerable to peri-implant disease. Maintaining the keratinized tissue and ensuring it retains a healthy permucosal seal is key to keeping your dental implants in good health. This means preventing plaque and biofilm from building up on your implants. Fortunately this process is similar to how you normally care for your normal teeth but with a few caveats.

Using Safe-Home Care Products on Your Implants

Dental implants require different home care products than regular teeth do as they are made of a separate material than your natural teeth. Patients should only use toothpaste (and other gels) that is low abrasive. Low-abrasive dentifrices prevent your implants from suffering premature erosion, extending the longevity of your implants. They’re also healthy for regular teeth so there is no need to worry about potential detrimental effects on natural teeth. General toothbrushes are relatively safe to use with implants, but what matters the most is how often you brush your implants. It’s advised that patients should brush their implants at least twice daily to remove accumulated plaque and bacteria. It’s always best to brush under, around and in the peri-implant crevice to ensure a thorough brushing.

Bolster the Health of Your Implants with Flossing Tools

The best products to use to clean your teeth are brushes and flossers from TePe:

  • TePe Compact Tuft™ - The TePe Compact Tuft is a single-tufted brush that is ideal for cleaning the critical areas where implants meet the gums and attachments surrounding overdentures.
  • TePe Implant Care™ - Features a unique angle neck that allows for easy access to both lingual and palatal surfaces of implants. A small brush head equipped with long filaments allows for better reach under the prosthetic construction. Highly recommended for retroclined teeth, lingual orthodontic appliances and difficult to reach areas.
  • TePe Implant Kit – Contains three essential home care products for dental implant care and upkeep, including the TePe Implant Care™, TePe Implant Brush and Interdental Brush.
  • TePe Implant/Orthodontic Brush – A brush with a long, thin neck and slim brush head designed to clean the buccal sides of implants and surrounding orthodontic appliances.
  • Products like the Waterpik® Water Flosser can only be used approximately 30 days after you receive your dental implants. Speak with a dentist first to ensure your dental implants have properly healed and receive the doctor’s permission in order to ensure safe usage.