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Why Choose Dental Implants?

Benefits of dental implantsThere is a reason that dentists in Sun City – and in fact around the world – regard dental implants as the most sophisticated teeth replacement solution on the market. Actually, there are several! Take a look below at the wonderful benefits you can expect to enjoy after having a problematic tooth/teeth or uncomfortable removable denture replaced with this fantastic technology:

The Benefits and Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Virtually Indistinguishable in Function and Appearance from Natural Healthy Teeth

Dental Implants support restorations (ceramic crowns for single tooth replacement and prosthetic dental bridges for multiple tooth replacement) that are fabricated to be virtually indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. Furthermore, being made from the exceptionally strong titanium metal and resilient ceramic material, they are capable of supporting a natural bite force, which enables patients to eat all the foods they love. Dental implants also feel very similar to natural teeth, so patients won’t feel self-conscious about their new teeth.

  • Promotes Good Jawbone Health and Prevents Premature Aging

Dental Implants, unlike traditional tooth replacement technology, replace the entire missing tooth, including the root and the crown. By replacing the source of stimulation that was once provided by the tooth root to the underlying jawbone, dental implants help to preserve the health of this hard tissue, keeping it alive and bulky. This, according to Dr. Kevin Gasser, helps to prevent the loss of bone volume in the jaw, which not only prevents further tooth loss, but also the development of the sunken-in, aged appearance one typically associates with elderly people.

  • Cleaned Like Natural Teeth and Seldom Require Costly Maintenance

Being made from inorganic materials, the restorations supported by dental implants cannot decay. As such, they don’t get cavities, nor do they require root canals. All you have to do is brush and floss your new teeth as per usual to keep your gums healthy! Dental implants are also made from exceptionally durable materials, so they seldom require costly maintenance or additional dental work once successfully healed.

  • High Success Rate

Dental implant procedures have an exceptionally high success rate of 98% for single tooth replacement and approximately 96% over a period of 10 years for full arch replacement. This means that only four out of 100 patients will experience dental implant failure in the first ten years of their new teeth’s life. Failure, according to Dr. Kevin Gasser, is predominantly a result of incorrect post-procedural care. It also occurs more frequently in patients that are smokers or present with a chronic illness, such as Diabetes.

Dental Implants Compared with Traditional Removable Dentures

Why choose dental implantsDental implants offer Arizona residents a tooth replacement solution that is far superior to traditional removable dentures in that they improve upon speech, one’s sense of taste, self-esteem and smile confidence. They are cleaned just like natural teeth, with regular brushing and flossing and seldom require costly maintenance.

Dental implants also eliminate the need for messy adhesives, because your new teeth are anchored in the mouth. Also, they negate the expenses associated with wearing dentures, such as anesthetic gels and soaking solutions, while improving the stability of dental bridges.