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Dr. Kevin Gasser and the team at Gasser Dental are committed to creating life transformations for our patients by utilizing patient-specific dental implant solutions and by delivering the best combination of quality, experience, comfort, care and price.

We are privately owned and every patient will be seen by Dr. Gasser. We focus on the satisfaction of our patients instead of monthly quotas, cost cutting and shareholders.

As an implant dentist, it is crucial to follow established protocols for successful implant placement. The Malo Clinic in Portugal has set the standard, based on over 250,000 successful procedures worldwide. Scientifically, it takes about 16 weeks for bone to heal and integrate with the implant after surgery. Rushing the process to deliver the final set of teeth too soon can risk complications and compromise the outcome. A delayed approach allows for trial of the temporary teeth, upgrades in design, and time for soft gum tissues to heal. Our office is a Center of Excellence because we prioritize following the science and patient-specific plans to ensure the best results possible. It’s important to not cut corners or skip important steps to save time.


Kevin L. Gasser, D.D.S.

Dental Implant Professional in Phoenix, AZ

Changing Lives One Smile at a Time®

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Using dental implants and permanently secured teeth we can replace an entire smile with Nobel Biocare systems.
Cosmetic and Smile Makeover Cases completed in as few as two visits!

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