Teeth Whitening

Over time and with repeated exposure to certain foods, beverages and cigarette/cigar smoke, the enamel of your teeth can become dulled, darker and less aesthetically pleasing. Some Arizona residents are just born with darker, more yellow dental enamel than others. Either way, it’s hard to fully appreciate the difference beautiful white teeth make to the quality of your smile until you undergo a teeth whitening treatment and see the fantastic outcomes!

Teeth Whitening Treatment For Sun City Residents

Here at Gasser Dental, we provide Sun City residents (and those from neighbouring communities) with one of the most popular, yet simple cosmetic treatments to ever have been innovated: teeth whitening! Simply ask Dr. Gasser about our special teeth whitening kits and treatments during one of your standard check-ups and we will explain to you our two different teeth whitening procedures: (1) A tray bleaching, which can be done at home (2) GLO whitening.

1. Tray Bleaching Treatment: How Does It Work?

We begin by taking a mold of your teeth to facilitate in the fabrication of your custom-made mouth tray. You can then return a few days later to collect your whitening kit and, following Dr. Gasser’s instructions; you can begin your treatment in the comfort of your own home. You will be required to wear your mouth tray once per day for an hour or two, or overnight depending upon Dr. Gasser’s recommendations for your case. Before you slip it in your mouth, line the tray with a special bleaching gel, so that every tooth gets fair exposure. You will begin to notice the color of your teeth lightening after a few days and you should achieve the desired outcomes after two weeks. If you have reached the end of the recommended length of treatment and you still desire whiter teeth, be sure to contact us and ask Dr. Gasser’s opinion before you continue. By not following the strict recommendations of an experienced teeth whitening professional, you can risk tooth sensitivity and alkaline burns to the gums.

2. GLO Whitening: How Does It Work?

GLO (Guided Light Optics) whitening is an innovative new way to brighten teeth, which combines heat-plus-light in a closed system mouthpiece. The mouthpiece activates the professional strength GLO Whitening Gel and preventing oxygen from escaping the mouth for fast, efficient, long lasting results. You will have an initial in-office half hour whitening session, providing superior results with no sensitivity, after which you will own the mouthpiece to take home with you for at-home maintenance. No trays, no sensitivity, just professional results.

Before & After GLO Whitening

GLO Whitening - Before & After | Gasser DentalGLO Whitening - Before & After | Gasser DentalGLO Whitening - Before & After | Gasser DentalGLO Whitening - Before & After | Gasser Dental

Is A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Better Than Over-The-Counter Whitening Products?

The bleaching gel used in professional treatments is legally allowed to have a higher concentration of carbamide peroxide, because it’s prescribed by a medical professional. This is the bleaching agent that acts to whiten your teeth. Over-the-counter products, however, only contain a fractional concentration of this agent and as such, they aren’t as effective as professional treatments. Dr. Gasser typically recommends that you get your teeth whitened by your dentist and then make use of over-the-counter products to maintain the outcome.

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