Why Choose Gasser Dental?

The Gasser Dental Difference.

Dr. Kevin Gasser and the team at Gasser Dental are committed to creating life transformations for our patients by utilizing patient-specific dental implant solutions and by delivering the best combination of quality, experience, comfort, care and price.

Life Transforming

Dental implants are a means to an end.

The goal of treatment is to change peoples lives and transform them. A beautiful, functional, comfortable smile can radically improve your medical health, function and confidence. Gasser Dental has witnessed this life transformation for thousands of patients over the last 26 years.
Patient-Specific Solutions
Every Patient is Unique. They have different:

  • Bone levels
  • Dental histories
  • Fears
  • Concerns
  • Goals
  • Medical conditions
  • Ages
  • Sizes
  • Cosmetic demands
  • Financial budgets
  • Time limits

Each patient deserves customized options that fit their life. One size does not fit all!
At Gasser Dental we listen to you, learn about your differences and offer custom or patient specific options.


Quality of materials and service is of top importance at Gasser Dental.

We Use:

  • premium implants by Noble Biocare. Nobel Biocare has been the number one worldwide implant provider for decades
  • all new implant components for each patient. We never reuse parts
  • premium restoration materials that deliver the best combination of cosmetics, strength, biocompatibility and longevity
  • scientific based protocols that have stood the test of time
  • the latest high-tech equipment and materials that are supported by scientific data and add value to the patient.
  • Evidence-based IV sedation and post-operative pain management protocols proven effective and safe for over 25 years

We have:

  • highly-trained, skilled, professional and caring staff members
  • five-star customer service that includes a full range of dental services and critical follow-up care after the treatment is delivered


Experience matters.

  • Dr. Kevin Gasser has:
    • successfully placed and restored thousands of dental implants for over 26 years in Arizona
    • been a leading provider of the “All-on-4” immediately anchored implant procedure for over 10 years in Arizona
    • provided IV sedation safely and effectively for over 10 years in Arizona
    • promoted the benefits of dental implants in dozens of TV interviews on channels 7,10,12 and 15
  • Each member of our highly-trained, skilled, caring and professional staff has over 15 years’ experience in their fields.
  • The restorative dental lab work is provided both on and off site by Wiand and Root labs who are industry leaders with decades of experience.

One Doctor. One Location.

Gasser Dental is a private facility.

There are no handoffs to other doctors or other facilities. We maintain complete care from initial diagnostics to end-of-treatment follow-up care.

Gasser Dental offers all new patients a no fee consultation and free iCat scan ($475 value) and, Dr. Gasser conducts the exam and treatment discussion himself.

All new patients receive a personal “welcome call” from Dr. Gasser prior to their first visit.

Dr. Kevin Gasser is always accessible to his patients during and after treatment.

Dr. Kevin Gasser does it all. He does the sedation, surgery and restorative work himself. He focuses on an accelerated treatment delivery that is time efficient yet respects science and nature. His protocol is designed to obtain the best possible results in the shortest time possible for each patient’s specific case.
Nature does not hurry, yet all things are accomplishedLao Tzu