Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a device that is used to replace two or more missing teeth. It can either be constructed from ceramic or prosthetic materials, which are typically built around a metal framework. Bridges rely either on the natural healthy teeth neighboring a missing tooth, or on dental implants for support. They offer Sun City residents a less expensive teeth replacement option, which is why many patients choose them instead of dental implants. Having said this, dental implants do offer a more comfortable and stable long-term solution and they tend to feel more natural.Let’s take a look at the two different kinds of bridges:

Conventional Tooth-Supported Bridges

This bridge is typically recommended for the replacement of one or two adjacent missing teeth that are bordered by healthy teeth. The adjacent natural teeth will be filed down in order to support the bridge, which then fills the gap with a central artificial crown. This crown assumes the function and appearance of the missing tooth, but it does not replace the tooth root, which can cause problems in the long term.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges can be used to replace three or more missing teeth or even an entire dental arch. The key difference between implant-supported bridges and conventional bridges is that, as the name suggests, the latter require healthy natural teeth to be completely filed down and essentially destroyed in order to provide them with support. Implant-supported bridges can replace several missing teeth without damaging neighboring teeth.

These types of bridges are typically recommended to Sun City residents who have lost many, most or even all of their teeth to gum disease. The “All-on-4™” is a very popular, sophisticated technique for fixed oral rehabilitation that makes used of customized implant-supported bridges to provide patients with a complete set of beautiful new and non-removable teeth.

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