Dr. Kevin Gasser offers accelerated dental implant procedures that can provide permanently anchored implant teeth in as little as one surgical visit, in most cases. Here at Gasser Dental, we have perfected “single visit dentistry,” which means that qualified patients can undergo their dental implant procedure AND have their new tooth or teeth placed in the same appointment! That’s right: we provide the sedation, single visit dental implant surgery and the permanent tooth or teeth all in ONE office by ONE dentist and almost always in ONE surgical appointment! We are also one of Arizona’s leading providers of “All-on-4” dental implants, the breakthrough procedure capable of giving patients who never thought they’d be able to eat, speak and smile in comfort again, a brand new set of beautiful, non-removable and functional teeth. Additionally, of the last 200 “All-on-4™” cases Dr. Gasser has performed, only two patients could not have their permanent teeth loaded the same day. Immediate loading (same day teeth) is the goal and not a guarantee. Having said that, we are almost always able to achieve this in 100% of cases. Prior to the innovation of the complex procedures and sophisticated technology we now routinely make use of, it would commonly take Arizona residents up to 18 months to get new teeth. This was because multiple dental implant procedures and complex bone grafting and soft tissue management techniques were required in order for a patient to get a full set of new teeth again. Today, dental implants – even if you are having ALL of your old and failing teeth replaced – can be done in just one day, in one office and by one dentist: Dr. Kevin Gasser!

The Benefits Of Modern Dental Implant Procedures

  • We have reduced the number of surgeries to only one and therefore the related complications have been greatly diminished.
  • We have dramatically increased the patient comfort experience: less anxiety, less discomfort, less time to wait until they get new teeth and less expensive.
  • We have created the most favorable situation to optimize the cosmetic outcomes of dental implant surgery and in a very short time period.
  • Overall, we have happier patients with even better outcomes in a shorter period of time of, in most cases, only a single surgical appointment!

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