Our Technology

Here at Gasser Dental, we approach every one of our patients as a unique and individual case. We understand that every person is unique, therefore we work hard to provide our patients with customized treatment plans. While doing so, our team emphasizes the importance of protocol in everything we do.

Why stick with protocol? For science and long-term solutions.

Dr. Gasser uses science that is proven. The latest advancements in science has advanced materials, techniques, and even IV sedation making the experience comfortable and easier for our patients to tolerate. Below we showcase the science-based technology that we use in our practice.

Digital Scanning:

Dental digital scanning technology allows for an efficient and comfortable method to produce a digital impression of our patients’ mouths.  This technology both helps our staff to determine the best treatment as well as provide our patients a visual to better understand the personalized decisions behind each plan.
digital scanning

iCat Scan:

The iCat imaging technology allows our staff to produce three dimensional images of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan. This allows Dr. Gasser to make a detailed and accurate treatment plan for every patient far better than a standard X-ray.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

PRP is a new approach to tissue regeneration used to promote healing in procedures in oral surgery. There is also much success in using PRP during implant procedures as a coating material.