Know Your Implants, Know Your Dentist

The appearance and health of your new smile is very important. The quality and safety of your new teeth is just as important.

To fulfill his commitment to excellence, Dr. Gasser only uses premium products to offer you the best possible service before, during and after treatment. Dr. Gasser chooses Nobel Biocare, a pioneer in dental implantology, as his preferred partner, because he trusts in the Nobel Biocare value promise.

Patients first

In 1965 the world’s first patient to receive modern dental implants was already treated with Nobel Biocare implants. Gösta Larsson of Gothenburg, Sweden, had been an oral invalid until Professor Brånemark, the discoverer of osseointegration, dramatically and forever changed his life by inserting the first titanium dental implant into his mouth. Half a century of heritage and experience that show in Nobel Biocare’s range of dental implants and solutions, have helped treat millions of patients all over the world successfully – now and in the future.


Collaboration with leading experts

The team at Gasser Dental takes pride in their close collaboration with Nobel Biocare. Nobel Biocare’s continuous product and clinical training for Gasser Dental will make sure you feel in good hands every step of the way towards your new smile.



Scientific excellence and innovation

Your well-being is key for Gasser Dental and Nobel Biocare. That‘s why they continue to invest in scientific research and innovation, and can look back on many years of scientific evidence for their products. Every new product is carefully engineered and tested to provide you with safe and long-lasting dental solutions. A tradition that translates into new quality of life for people like you every day.

Only premium products, such as Nobel Biocare dental implants, deliver premium smiles that last. Speak to Dr. Gasser about the use of high-quality dental solutions.